Our Electrician Service FAQ

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An electrical  outlet and switch  may stop working due to an issue with the breaker. or The wire inside may broken .

It’s best to leave this isuue and call Direct electric  (416-890-4800)

 Do not, do any attempt to find a short circuit in your house by yourself! Please call Direct Electric  at (416) 890-4800 

The cost for an electrician to fix electrical issue in your house depends the wide range of electrical issues.please call Direct Electric or (416-890-4800)

 May be an issue with your Electrical Panel, or  due to loose wiring in the ectrical devices box in your home.

Please Call Today Us at Direct Electric or (416-890-4800)

Maybe prolem the circuit  or defect breaker or the other electrical issue,please contact us at 416-890-4800 or email us : info@directelectricc.com

That may be an issue with your Electrical Wiring or a loose wire in Electrical panel circuit breaker or something else in your home.

Please call us at following:



These are some signs of broken electrical wiring in your home Melting wire in panel or inside  plugs/outlets or switches,Flickering lights,circuit Breakers constantly tripping

Please call us Today At Following:



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